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The inn’s rooms were designed to be both warm and functional, but, above all, to provide an excellent rest. Whether it is for a nap after a demanding day in the outdoors or for a peaceful night following a day’s pampering, you will find your small haven of peace intimate and quiet.

And, because your hosts aim at favouring this quietness as well as encouraging the breaking-free from daily stress, the rooms are free from telephone and TV set. Don’t worry; you will survive from the lack of daily news coverage!

However, you will be granted access to our Wi-Fi network in case you wish to get in touch with your loved ones and make them envious of your daily adventures in the region.

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Rooms with private bathroom

#1 Double bed, tub/shower

#2 Double bed, double size bathtub

#3 Double bed, double futon, double size bathtub

#4 Double and single bed, tub/shower

Fares :

Bed and breakfast: from 75$/pers.*

Gastronomic dinner, bed and breakfast: from 105$/pers.*

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Rooms with shared bathroom

#5 Double futon

#6 Double bed, double futon

#7 Double and single bed

#8 Double bed

#9 Double bed, double futon, accessible to mobility impaired persons

Fares :

Bed and breakfast: from 65$/pers.*

Gastronomic dinner, bed and breakfast: from 95$/pers.*


* Fare per person, double occupancy, taxes and service not included.

Contact-us for more information on single or multiple occupancy.