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Keeping an open mind to discover the treasures of the northern soil.

Childhood is the starting point of all passions. Émy Allaire had the luck to grow-up in the countryside by the water, with nature as the surrounding universe. On fine summer days she accompanied her mother, with her brother and sister, to fish and pick berries. Having Amerindian roots in her family history (of which she is very proud), she has always known she would remain close to soil and nature.


She keeps learning on a daily basis. «Every experience brings me knowledge and inspiration. It is important for me to keep an open mind and to know various cultures rich in history. »

In the kitchen, Émy works in a very intuitive manner.

«It is essential for me to smell, taste and touch in order to create a harmony. I draw inspiration from local and foreign influences in order to create dishes that make us travel while using regional ingredients. I am lucky to work with dedicated producers who offer superior quality foodstuffs. We are committed to highlight these products in our plates and take the time to inform customers in order to entice them to consume locally in their daily life and also to have them taste the products from our soil. »

Nature is for her an infinite source of inspiration that she unconditionally respects. She prepares her menus in accordance with products availablility as the seasons pass. Preserving biodiversity and its natural balance are unwavering values that drive her daily life.

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