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Maple sap houseTubulure cabane à sucre

An absolute must in the spring, the annual outing to the maple sap house is by itself a celebration. It emphasizes the return of fair weather, the awakening of nature and the pleasure of enjoying the renewed sun in good company.

Venture out of your lair and come to taste the best that our maple grove has to offer: maple syrup, a 100% natural sugar, tasty and delicate.

The choice of establishing our inn right beside our maple grove was for sure made in order to allow our guests to visit it, to understand the process of maple syrup making and, naturally, to have the pleasure of tasting it!

Thus, from March to May, depending on the weather, we organize sugaring-off parties to make you discover this fascinating production. Brunch, gastronomic dinner, guided visits, taffy on the snow… many variants are available to ensure that your visit is a pleasure!

Demand being strong and available places being limited, please call us to book a reservation: 418 673-1991

Spring skiing

Let yourself glide down on the immaculate withe carpet before it disappears for the warm season. Put on a light coat, sunglasses and your skis to make the most of these extraordinary skiing conditions. Enjoy a day full of sun and fresh air before ending it beautifully on our terrace. That’s pure happiness!

For information on ski conditions: www.valinouet.qc.ca or 1 866-260-8254

Ice fishing

When ice conditions allow it, combine ice fishing with the opening of the trout fishing season. Turn this activity into a most entertaining outing. Bring your fishing equipment or let us equip you. We will take care of baits, lunch and rosé wine!

Hiking or snowshoeing tripsPêche blanche


To discover the whole splendor of the back-country, put on your hiking boots or snowshoes and take off along one of the numerous trails crisscrossing the region:

  • Parc des Monts-Valin
  • Sentier municipal de Chute aux Galets
  • Sentier de la Chute Gagnon
  • Parc de la Rivière du Moulin
  • Sentier Notre-Dame Kapatakan (le petit Compostelle)
  • Centre plein air Bec-Scie

Just to mention a few of them!

Wildlife viewingObservation

As it is located in the heart of the forest, our inn provides an opportunity to observe various indigenous animals: Moose, deer, bear, fox, mink, marten, birds… Be attentive when you stroll around and you could probably see more than one of them.

If you want to be sure to observe them close up, visit the following places which are near l’Auberge Carcajou:

Centre d’observation de la faune de Falardeau
An organization dedicated to help wild animals in distress in order to return them to the wild. When they cannot be reintegrated in nature, a shelter is provided for them onsite and you can thus visit them in their adopted environment

Centre d’interprétation des battures et de réhabilitation des oiseaux (CIBRO)
The interpretation center is a site for the observation and care of raptors and other wild birds. Its mission is to protect, raise awareness and make nature known in order to better understand ecosystems’ biodiversity. Stroll along various trails and observe several species of Québec’s wild birds.


Don’t hesitate to contact us to plan for your stay: 418 673-1991